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Private Chef Hannes 

"We Cook together, you guys eat!!!!

After Graduation

After graduating with honors he went on to work for the acclaimed Hotel Seevilla Milstatt in Austria. During his time at Seevilla Milstat his talent was on display and this landed him numerous guest appearances on television. In Austria chefs are expertly trained as bakers and butchers as well as the rigorous culinary arts. 

Hannes excelled in his class, mastering pastries, baking and also the French techniques of cooking. 

After graduation he quickly landed a sous chef position at Austria’s famed Michelin Star restaurant “Aftwenger” and worked there until 1989.



In 1990 Hannes longed to stretch his culinary wings and made the move to New York. He was offered a position at Castel Grisch in 1990 as executive chef. At Castel Grisch Hannes displayed outstanding qualities that all restaurant owners pray for when hiring a chef. Hannes was not only a great chef but that that he could manage the staff, the ordering of materials, and was reliable and honest. Once again he wowed the customers with his talent in the kitchen. But California was calling.



On arriving in California Hannes went to work as executive chef for Barnaby’s in Manhattan Beach. While at Barnaby’s Hannes met his mentor and friend Joseph Susceveanu who was impressed with Hannes’ Skills and hired him to work at the Havanna Room in Beverly Hill. Although Hannes now owns his own restaurant he has kept in contact with Joseph Susceveanu and they have continued to collaborate on various projects. Hannes also worked many times as chef for Arnold Schwarzenegger at his Los Angeles restaurant Schatzi.

IN his career he has cooked for Princess Diana, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Jackson and many, many others as well.


Chef Hannes Restaurant… The Dream Realized

As with most chefs, Hannes longed to own his own restaurant and in 1994 he opened his restaurant “Chef Hannes” in the little beach hamlet of El Segundo. Prior to “Chef Hannes” opening there were no sit down restaurants in El Segundo. If you wanted a nice meal you had to drive to Manhattan Beach. Hannes was an immediate hit and it is an undeniable truth the he brought the food scene to El Segundo. His food is creative, fresh, wholesome and elegant. The menu is affordable, and the portions are as they should be… not too large and not too small. Chef Hannes caters many private parties each month and he is the hit of the party.

The ooo’s and ahhhh’s continue throughout the event. He aims to please and he does not disappoint. Hannes is an artist in the kitchen and it shows on every plate. His meals are memorable, and he has a long list of regulars. The menu has many Italian dishes, but it is distinctly Californian. Hannes was not caught up in the “sustainable” trend because he has always worked from that point of view. Chef Hannes takes great pride in the quality of his food and if he offers you dessert… say “YES!!”

Sample Menu: Prepare for you

Kale Pesto Ricotta Tostini

Fresh Fish Cruto with Lemon Mouse

Avocado salad with roasted vegetables

Slow cooked short rib – Polenta Cake

Warm Chocolate or strudel


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